They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And these products respectfully agree. What else would explain their uncanny resemblance to their original counterparts? Come to think of it, most of them did a mighty good job imitating some of the biggest brands in the world. Now we’d already done one list of these fake geniuses (you can check it out right here) but realized that a single list won’t do justice to their talents. Hence, we decided to do another one.

Check it out.

1. Borio

Tagline: Twist, open and lick boredom.

2. Sunbucks

Tagline: Serving coffee as hot as the sun.

3. Facefood

Tagline: Friends you can eat.

4. King Burger

Tagline: Fake food with an attitude.

5. This bag

Tagline: Be as many things as you want to be

6. Rid Bull

Tagline: Rid Bull. Clips your wings.

7. The ill-tempered birds

Tagline: Don’t angry us.

8. These stores

Tagline: Online shopping just got real.

9. Souperman

Tagline: It’s a chicken. It’s a broth. No, it’s Souperman.

10. Ponge Bob

Tagline: The S is silent.

11. Sipdre-Nma

Tagline: Doesn’t matter if you’re dyslexic. You can still be a superhero.

12. Blockberry

Tagline: Block out mediocrity. Buy Blockberry today.

13. Kicker

Tagline: Have KitKat during breaks. Eat this during office hours. 

14. Special Man

Tagline: He’s not like other guys. He’s special.

15. iPhone shoes

Tagline: Why hear them when you can wear them!

16. Coolgatte

Tagline: Too cool to be real.

17. Nokla

Tagline: (Dis)connecting people.

18. Holocoste

Tagline: Fashion is dead.

19. Hello Titty

Tagline: Because two are better than one.

20. Dolce & Banana

Tagline: High fashion for foodies.

21. Owega

Tagline: What tiwe is it?

22. Anmani

Tagline: Dress like George Clone-y.

23. IP hone

Tagline: The only thing that’s changed is the model.

24. Michaelsoft Binbows

Tagline: Shutting down your future.

25. OMC McDnoald’s

Tagline: I’m not loving it.

26. Mountain Lightning

Tagline: Darr ke aage bijli hai.

27. Honca

Tagline: The power of nightmares.

28. Cerono

Tagline: Cerono. Miles away from originality.

29. New Style Ninja Tortoise

Tagline: Reaching the crime scene. At 50 metres/hour.

Source: Informativa

30. Star Fucks

Tagline: Coffee that’ll screw up your morning.

Source: Obekti

Such imitation. Much wow. Very flattered.