China. The most populated country in the world. Little wonder then that they are everywhere. For a generation that has grown up seeing the ‘Made in China’ logo on any and everything, Chinese domination is no fantasy. It is real, people. They are about to rule the world.

And the first step towards world domination is to flood the market with your products. Get the people addicted to your stuff. Y’all know what I mean? Like really make them want it. Just like our Chinese friends are doing. Check it out.

1. Made from 100% polyester.


2. Where all the forever alones hang out.


3. The one J.K. Rowling forgot to write.

Lol girl

4. Mann hai toh pehno. Warna fry kar ke kha lo.


5. Huh!


6. Things Obama does to improve the economy.

Rocket news

7. Number of fucks given = zero.


8. Adidos, amigos!


9. You’ve insulted it man! You’re so screwed now!


10. Neki aur pooch pooch!


11. In case of an emergency, remove the pin and run away.


12. They want everyone to have eggs. Boiled in young boys’ urine.

Daily Mail

13. Why hear it when you can wear it?


14. The owner must be Rolex in his grave right now.


15. Of all the people, the Chinese need it the most.

Brent Neubauer

Brace yourself people. The Chinese are coming.