As you all know, Varun Dhawan will be voicing Captain America in the Hindi version of Captain America: Civil War. 

Source: Comic Book


And naturally, everybody is super excited.

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So when film critic Rajeev (Pan)Masand met Chris Evans recently for an interview, he decided to share the good news with him.

And proceeded to show him a clip of the Hindi trailer.


Now we’re pretty sure that Chris knew that he won’t understand a word of Hindi, yet somehow, he feigned interest.


And as expected, immediately heaped praises on Varun Dhawan’s ‘performance’ after watching the trailer.

Source: Rajeev Masand 


The one person who was perhaps more excited than Varun Dhawan himself, was Rajeev Masand.

Source: Rajeev Masand


Now Chris might’ve fooled Rajeev, but he couldn’t fool the aam junta who all knew he was just praising Varun out of courtesy and Alok Nath’s sanskars.

Source: Rajeev Masand


Like people saw right through Chris’ forced expressions.

Source: Rajeev Masand


And this one comment summed up the entire thing perfectly.

 Source: Rajeev Masand


But one good thing happened. We found new reaction gifs!




Check out the video right here.