We bet there’s not a single person out there who doesn’t wish they could go back to their school days one more time. The first friends you make, the first fights you have, the first time you fall in love – it all happens during your school life. Your class also becomes your second home and your classmates your second family. Well, kind of. Because every class had their share of characters. Here are 10 kinds of classmates we all had while growing up:

1. The brainy girl who was always the first to put up her hand whenever the teacher asked a question.

2. The traitorous class-monitor who marked you late even if it was by a minute.

And he/she also seemed to get some pleasure out of telling the teacher you were the most talkative in the class.

3. The bully who used to come and take your stuff forcibly and pick fights with you just for the heck of it.

4. The trouble-maker who was probably the most punished student ever.

No matter who the teacher was or what the class was, this guy was guaranteed to get punished for something or the other.

5. The teacher’s pet who could even show up to school without textbooks or homework or even a schoolbag.

All the teacher would do in response was smile and shower praises upon him/her!

6. The classmate who used to come outrageously early to school and sit right in the front. And dare you ever decide to take his/her spot.

7. The copy-cat who always found a seat next to you during exams and bugged you relentlessly for the answers!

8. The bookworm who used to behave like the world had ended just because he/she could only manage 97% instead of the hundred they were hoping for!

He/she was also the one who used to go around asking what your “total” was.

9. The backbenchers who always had the most fun. Playing, chatting, gossiping through every single class!

10. And lastly, the one guy who used to spill the beans in front of the teacher & got a lot of people in trouble!