Walking to Mordor and back, going on a dangerous solo mission to destroy the Death Star or going up against an army of murderous hi-tech robots. There are a number of things I would rather do than clean up my room. If trying to take on your seemingly tornado hit room fills you with as much dread as it does for me, then here are a few things you’ll relate to too:

1. Cleaning your room = Dump everything in the cupboard.

Just do NOT open it after.

2. And once the cupboard’s full, push everything under the carpet.

Why not? It seems to work for everyone else in the country.


3. Or the bed.

Because no one looks under there.

4. Or we open the window and let some fresh air in.

Or maybe, let’s not?


5. You have to actively warn people before they take off their footwear. God knows what they’ll step on in your room.

Hey, I warned you didn’t I?

6. You don’t know awesome things like the Gala No Dust Broom exist.

Because cleaning would then be a cinch. And we wouldn’t complain about it.

7. Newspapers are your first answer for any stain.

What else are they used for?

8.You always have ‘something’ to do when it’s time to clean your room.

Oops, gotta go!

9. You’re brilliant at making a schedule. What’s that? We have to put it into practice too?

10. Your idea of sweeping the floor up is walking around your room in a pair of socks.

11. The thing is, you’re not lazy. It’s just that everything has its place. And they’re already on it.

12. People just don’t seem to get it. Your room’s not a mess. Everything is just on display.


13. And the thing is, when your room is ‘cleaned’, you can’t find anything.

14. Besides, what’s the point of cleaning up your room? It’s just going to get dirty again.

The things is, no matter how much we hate cleaning our rooms, at least it’ll be a whole lot easier with the Gala No Dust Broom . Here’s to us, the ‘clean-o-phobes’! Check them out on Twitter .

Feature Image: India-Forum

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