Have you realised how different actual food looks from the ones in the ads. Everything’s always steaming or is shiny but when you buy them or make these dishes, they look like they have seen better days. Well, that’s because advertisers have a few tricks up their sleeves. 

1. The foam in your favourite dessert is actually just shaving cream. 


2. Ice melts too fast. So they use plastic ice cubes in the ads for cold drinks. 


3. Your favourite scoop of ice cream is just mashed potatoes. 


4. The foam in ads for beer is just liquid soap!

Beverage Daily

5. They put cardboard in between cakes to make them look puffy. The same trick is also used for burgers and sandwiches. 


6. The milk in cereal ads is just glue to make sure the cereal stays on the top and doesn’t drown like biscuits in tea. 


7. Drinks are adulterated with antacids to get all that jazzzz!

Bright Side

8. We don’t really get these ads here, but if you have ever seen a roasted chicken on TV ads, you should know they heat it up a little, paint it over and stuff it with paper towels before sewing it. 


9. Sauces in ads are just melted wax in different colours. 


10. They use steamers, and often cotton balls are moistened and put into the microwave and hidden in food to get enough steam for the photographers to get what they need. 


11. Burritos in stock photos and ads are super-glued shut to make sure they hold together. 


12. Engine oil is used as maple syrup in maple syrup ads. 


16. Burger patties are coloured with shoe polish to make them look brown and well done. 

Teddy Feed

17. Hair sprays are used on fruits to make them look fresh and keep them shining. 


18. Layers of bright lipstick are used to sometimes make cherries and apples look juicy and red. 


19. Photographers use glucose syrup in noodle ads to keep them shining. 


20. They also spray a little deodorant on the side of the glass to keep the illusion of the fizz. 


There you go, children. You have been sold lies. *evil laugh*