Narendra Modi gave the nation something they all wanted, a hope…of Achhe Din.

Now, everyone keeps talking about the ‘Achhe Din’ but no one exactly know what to expect from those days. Well, wonder no more. Finally there’s a video clip of that shows us a teaser of the good futuristic days. Take a look.

Now either your mind has completely blown off by now or you an alien without a brain. I mean slow claps for whoever made this and whoever linked it to the achhe din.

And just to break it down for you guys, here’s what all you can expect at an Indian airport in 2030.

1. A white man with a DSLR talking to himself in Hindi. 

2. Airports that look just like temples.

3. 70,000 pounds in return of a 1000 rupee note.

4. Fuck dollar.

5. White cab drivers happily bragging about their salary…Rs 200.

6. White beggars talking in Hindi. Cus why not?

7. End of the world.

Now, this video is getting viral of Twitter too and even Arvind Kejriwal liked it. But the most common response has been.

Some people suggested an alternative title for the video.

While some people just demanded a refund…of their time.

And, if you are a fan of taking life endangering risks.

Finally, a movie Pahlaj Nihalani can fap over.