Republic TV is, for legal purposes, an enigma. It is quite unique, in the sense that it is supposed to be a news channel but tends to ignore every other aspect that is required for a journalistic venture. 


1. This was apparently about Salman Khan. What does he have to do with SSR’s death or anything for that matter, that warrants a discussion on national TV?

2. This is when TikTok was banned and Arnab was so delighted that he went on a happy rant. I won’t call myself an expert but having a basic undertstanding of economics makes me pretty sure that the Chinese don’t care about it. 

3. WHAT. ON. EARTH? I can’t explain this. I am sorry. 

4. I guess, the dude bhavnaaon mein beh gaya! It can happen when you throw away the rest of your journalistic integrity. 

5. This is quite recent. This is just WOW! Good lord. Is the ability to shout at the top of your lungs without reason or an ounce of decency a must to get hired? This would be funny, if it weren’t disgusting. 

6. WTF Arnab, dude! I actually poked my nose to find out your reporter!

7. I will apologise to you in advance. But this is just so much more fun with the music. Without it, it’s just dumb as a rock. 

8. This is probably just a wild guess but I don’t think Pakistan has the technology to assemble hordes of locusts and send them to India. 

9. I guess, at this point, it’s not surprising. As a former student of journalism, I just die a little bit every time. 

10. The person who tweeted this has found to be funny. But I guess, we are well past the ‘living in a civilised society phase’. 

This has been a bummer of an article. My soul cries for journalism and the next generation of journalists who will have these people to get inspired by.