College life can easily be associated with romance, smoking, friends and bad grades. But we always miss out on the smaller details that made college the mess that it was. The Stupid Design team has come with a series of pictures that talks about those little things that happen in every college; but with a dash of mathematics. Look back at your college life through the filter of proportionality. Presenting, ‘ Dekha jaaye toh ‘, a matter of fact-ly view of generic events that took place during college. Have fun.

1. ” Bohot log ho gaye. Isse achha toh passive hi kar lo.

2. ” Kya! Papa ka transfer ho gaya? Kab?Do saal pehle?

3. ” Har page pe designer OM banaya hai tere bhai ne.

4. ” Itni ladkiyan? NIFT toh nahi aa gaye?

5. ” Relationships are way overrated, dude!

6. ” Sutta maar raha hoon. Tab tak inhaler dhoond mera.

7. ” Infosys ke liye kaun nahayega? Muh dho leta hoon!

8. Such Hmmmm. Much bore.

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