Bullying is not a new concept in our society. Many people are often judged on the basis of their physical appearances. As an individual who grew up in Indian society, I can surely vouch for that. I have heard a not-at-all-appropriate phrase during my childhood which goes like, ‘zyaada chai peene se kaale ho jaate hain’. It definitely had something to do with marriage cos there’s a notion that dusky girls aren’t suitable to get hitched. They are looked down upon as ugly, all thanks to advertisements of fairness creams.


Speaking of which, an interesting Reddit thread on bullying caught my attention and I can’t help but share it. A user asked, “What is a great comeback to someone calling you ugly?” And I have to admit that Redditors are on roll with this one.

I’d say “you’re one to talk” then i take a pic of them with my phone and say “I’m going to use that as birth control”  


Well…Put a paper bag over your face so you don’t have to look at me b**ch.  


Ouch! Third-degree burn, I say. Other comebacks that you can use are: “Hold my beer, at least main dharti par bojh nahin hoon” or “Acha? Toh kya karun naachun?” So, next time when someone calls you ugly, enlighten them with such sarcastic comebacks and thank us later.