There’s something about superstitions that makes us Indians continue to believe in them. While a kala teeka and hanging nimbu-mirchi can save us from buri nazar, another moment an innocent black cat crossing our path can bring a great deal of bad luck.

In his latest video ‘Indian Superstitions’, stand-up comedian Raunaq Rajani takes a deep dive into Indian superstitions that he has faced growing up in a conservative family. He talks about all those illogical things we are forced to do just because this is how they’ve always been.

Whether we knew the answers or not, writing ‘OM’ on the top of the answer sheet used to be a universal hack.

Blowing off a hair always made our wishes come true.

And then, scissors were blamed for all arguments.

None of us have seen horns growing, still we bang our heads.

There’s a specific job for each one of our hands.

You can watch the hilarious video here.