The whole world has come to a standstill with the lockdown. And as the clock ticks, time, as a concept, is blurrier than ever.

Yesterday feels like today, and today merges into tomorrow like biryani and raita, on a plate, during a North Indian wedding. 

Now, coming to tomorrows that feel like our todays, veteran journalist, Shekhar Gupta has the perfect cure on how to spend our time at home during the quarantine, through his video  "Why 1.36 billion Indians won’t simply wait to be infected or killed by coronavirus."

It's easy and simple, all we have to do is decipher his rendition on the concept of 'Tomorrow'. If there's one desi word that is confusing it has to be 'Kal' — meaning yesterday, and tomorrow. I mean, who came up with this? And of course, Mr. Gupta made sure to take it a notch higher. 

Needless to say, this grabbed all our attention, as we scratched our heads, grappling for the meaning of tomorrow. Some of us frantically went through theories, some of us looked in cabinets (along with snacks) for the meaning, holding, preciously onto our sanity.  

But that's when Jose Covaco, while ordering groceries online, amused himself, and us by letting Mr. Gupta interrupt him. 

Check out the hilarious video below to see what we mean! 

Has tomorrow started?