With the right concoction of sarcasm and wit, Rahul Dua is one of the brightest comics in recent times. Being a pro at observational comedy, his sets are usually a mix of stories and laughter. His recent attempt to bake will tickle your funny bones.

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Recently, Rahul Dua and his mother decided to use old bananas to bake a cake. Because ‘why waste, when you can bake’ is the ultimate middle-class mantra.


“With no oven, no ingredients, no equipment, no patience, and no recipe”, they still managed to bake not only one but two cakes. Let’s see how the story unfolds.

PS: It might lead to a side-splitting laughter riot.

He starts by introducing the star ingredient of the cake: 4 ‘pilpila’ or rotten bananas.

Ismein se nikal kya raha hai, aap apni aankho se dekho. Aaye haaye. Jaundice hogaya kele nu. Iska keh rahe hain cake banana hai.

He then talks about the ultimate addition to the cake, the maida.

Ab ismein maida paaya ja raha hai jo intestine mein jaake chipak jaata hain aur 72 ghante lagte hain pachne mein. Ab dhakkan kholke maida paaya jaa raha hai kyun ki patience khatam hogayi.

Post a small singing sesh and grinding, the batter is finally ready. It’s time to bake it but there’s a catch. There is NO OVEN.

Mazze ki baat yeh hai ki humare paas kuch nahi hai. Poora maida nahi tha toh aatta paa diya hai, kela humse theek se lot nahi aa raha aur humare paas oven bhi nahi hai isko bake karne ke liye.

But because our mothers have a jugaad for everything, the air fryer comes to the rescue.

Isko khud nahi pata ki ismein cake bann sakta hai. Iske liye surprise hoga yeh.

At the same time, Rahul Dua lets the viewers know the ultimate plan for the cake(s).

Koi gal nahi. Chidiyaan bhi bhookhi lag rahi hain bohot zaada aaj kal. Warna compost pit mein daal denge. Humare paas dustbin nahi hai, humne gaddha khod rakha hai.

After a lot of struggle, the cake is FINALLY out of the air fryer with the help of the tongs because which middle-class family has an oven mitt?

Isko nikaalna kaise hai woh samajh nahi aa raha kyun ki, you guessed it right, humare paas woh glove bhi nahi hai.

However, the cake does come out. BUT, only half of the cake does.

Adhha aagaya hain, poora nahi aa raha. Yeh brown munde bohot dheet ne.

They put the rest of the cake back in the air fryer for ten more minutes. Meanwhile, Mummy Dua is super happy and proud of their baking. She even calls it ‘encouraging to try more’. But, he isn’t too sure about it.

Matlab iss haadse ke baad aapko sharam nahi aa rahi? Inko aur bhi banana hai. Iska naam air fryer hai, isko baksh do.

You can watch the entire process, including the journey of the second cake, in the hysterical video here:

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Note: All images are screenshots from the video, unless specified otherwise.