The likes of Bear Grylls and Steve Irwin belong with the greats that we associate with thrillingly close and potentially dangerous encounters with the wild. Well, add a bit of humour to that association and you’ve got yourself a Charles Wieand.

YouTuber Charles Wieand is a nature lover, self-proclaimed epic adventurer and as you’ll discover soon after watching his videos, a comedian with a ‘serious’ knack for hilarity. 

Wieand’s YouTube channel, Outdoor Adventures With Charles, features several videos of him not only heroically battling the elements and giving us survival tips while he’s at it, but doing so with the chuckle-inducing flair of Mr. Bean. Some of his funniest moments also happen to coincide with some serious risk to his safety as well.

Like the time he nonchalantly swam around on a crocodile pool toy while alligators were chilling right next to him. He just wanted to see if he’d blend in if he brought one of their own… well, sort of.

Some of whom have gotten piggyback rides and kisses from him, by the way.

When he warned his viewers to always carry a good bug zapper with them but keep ’em away from children, and then proceeded to curiosity-zap himself.

When he hung out underwater with a goddamn anaconda like they were beer buddies. The Indian music playing randomly in the background while the two chilled had to have been yet another comedic layer, but we’re not sure.

And the time he pointed out the importance of the right safety gear in beekeeping… while he did it all naked. Effin hilarious. Dangerous, but hilarious.

Check out some of his madness right here:

Charles seems to truly have become one with nature, ’cause let’s face it, no matter how many alligators you hug, or how many scorpions you hold, comedy has got to be a part of it all. That’s the one thing that brings us all together… us YouTube audiences, at least!