Recently stand-up comic Sahil Shah was exposed to visual radiation poisoning camouflaged in the form of Heropanti 2. His reaction to the trailer mimicked the sentiments of our entire nation and made me think… maybe he should come work for ScoopWhoop?

Check out his review of the bizarre, poorly cut 3 minutes and 38 seconds of pure torture they call the official trailer of Heropanti 2

I mean, if Saif Ali Khan can do Humshakals, why wouldn’t Bollywood drag down a powerhouse of talent like Nawazuddin to this level. 

Does Tiger Shroff not have bones? Is he a lizard?

Ahh Tara Sutaria, Bollywood’s eternal arm-candy. Maybe she should return to her Disney channel days because she did more acting in one episode than her entire film career. Range for the young actor is only limited to her wardrobe choices.

Why does Tiger look like the king of Narnia?

This isn’t even soft porn, it’s just an excuse to show off his thighs cause why invest time in acting classes when you can buff them legs at the gym. It’s not like he’s an actor or anything. 

Not only a lizard-man, but Tiger is also a good conductor of heat. 

I wish Tiger would return to his true self and go back to doing bona fide acting like his performance in The Life Of Pi.

In conclusion I would like to say, what the fuck?