Middle-class families have their own unique charm. 

Whether it is bragging about their own jugaad habits or being unapologetically thrifty, they do it with a certain ‘swag’ that’s unlike any other.

We all know how middle-class parents never trust their children’s choices and don’t miss any chance of pointing out their mistakes. I mean, those kids can’t even switch off the lights before coming out of the room so it’s all legit, right? 

Naturally then, middle-class families make for the best stand-up shows! And even after a series of middle-class jokes and stand-up comedies, we can never get enough of them. The more the better! 

In a new video for East India Comedy, comedian Angad Singh Ranyal explains the norms of a middle-class family. He’s so accurate that you’d be nodding your head in agreement, all the while rolling with laughter! 

Check it out:

He surely knows every bit of it, right?