As kids, all we dreamed of was growing up and getting to be an adult and doing adult things. And the most adult thing one could do was to get a job. But little did we know what jobs actually meant. That is the very reason that our first jobs are so earth-shatteringly different from work now… y’know, once we’ve gone from fantasising about adulthood, to actually living it.

Here’s exactly how everything about work is different when you get your first job, and exactly how it changes when it’s no longer your first.

1. Interviews

2. Bosses

3. Meetings

4. Work

5. Appraisals

6. Co-workers

7. Presentations

8. Office Parties

9. All-nighters

10. No work

11. Mistakes

12. Salary

‘Cause hey, whether it’s your first job or your 23rd, some things never change. Not a lot can take out the joy from how we spend our hard-AF-earned moolah!

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