Socializing is not for everyone. Having people in your face all the time is not for everyone. Some folks cherish their own company more than anything else in this whole wide world and go to great extents to avoid situations where there are chances of having even a minimal amount of human interaction. It’s true! Don’t you believe me?

Well, whether you believe me or not, there are people who hate people. These 11 comic strips illustrate exactly that. 

1. When people just don’t understand the intensity of my hatred. HOWWW!

2. No humans at the movies, pliss! 

3. You’d rather hang yourself than hang out with people!

4. Best friend? Haan! Hai toh. Bahut saare hain.

5. Sometimes, I question my choices but then I regret doing it soon enough. 

6. When you know exactly what game to play with a group of people.

7. Fuck your bad vibes, bro.

8. When plans don’t work out but the real plan was the plan not working out. 

9. Why getting a call = the scariest scene in a horror movie. 

10. When people just really like to fucking talk because they have a mouth.

11. Your evolution on social networks looks like…

Comic Illustrations by the amazing Aroop Mishra

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