Do you walk away from too many conversations wondering if that person said that thing ’cause they meant that other thing and have felt this other way about you the whole time? Do your thoughts keep you up late at night every night? Do find yourself weighing every, no literally every, option before you make any important (or not that important, for that matter) decision? Well, we might be dealing with a little case of the overthinkies!

For all those out there that have from time to time questioned their sanity ’cause of just how much overtime their mind-brain does, we are here in comic form, to remind you that you aren’t alone.

The impossible Goa plan 

 Sleep? Sleep is for the weak

 Batman jokes – Always a fine line. 

 Why isn’t she replying!?

 Exams? No problem!

 Ordering food is nigh impossible!

 The pressures of texting.

 Meeting someone new.

Hey, at least doing too much thinking is better than doing too little of it! Amirite? *hi-fives all around*

Crazy (but clinically not insane) designs by Aroop Mishra