These comics are for those who find the glass not just half-empty, but non-existent; to those very special set of people who look at a rainbow and complain it has too many colours.

That one ‘scholar’ friend we all had who’d talk like this in school.

This one sulky overachiever at work.

This clingy sulk who can’t wait 5 minutes to let you take a dump in peace.

That attention-seeking sulk who chooses the wrong time to be philosophical.

That narcissistic sulk whose twisted vanity needs its own vanity van.

The social media sulk who needs validation from ‘friends’ they hardly talk to.

The foodie sulk who wants to have his cake and not eat it too.

Ever tried to deliver happy news to a sulk?

Even freebies don’t please them.

The Her-Sighness sulk who will breathe down your neck till you pay attention.

The impromptu sulk who starts ranting at the drop of a hat.

Sigh-ning off now!