Honesty may be the best policy, but it certainly isn’t everyone’s. And that’s no accident. The world is a much easier way to navigate with what they call tact and bloody politeness. There are, however, a select few of us out there that shower the world with all the brutal honesty that it deserves. And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

To help you understand the ever-so-tedious yet hilarious life of someone who tells it like it is, here are 15 clever comics about brutally honest people… telling it like it is.

1. Knowing you, friends always come to you for honesty. And regret it as soon as they get the real thing.

2. Regardless of what the popular trend is, you’ll likely be one of the few people calling it like it is.

3. Your truth bombs are mistaken for humour all too often.

4. Your friends hate your no-nonsense approach to sensitive stuff. But they all wish they had it too.

5. The too-polite ones are usually pretty glad to have you around. To do the brutally honest work.

6. Come hail or storm, you’re always there to unabashedly remind everyone of their aukaat.

7. And when you’re honestly nice to someone, they just can’t help but be suspicious.

8. Worst of all, when you’re actually kidding, it’s entirely lost on the world.

9. The first thing people usually learn about you is that stroking puffed egos is really not your thing.

10. And often, your honesty-on-steroids has the potential to hit a little too deep. But hey, SOMEONE needs to say it!

11. So you’re not everyone’s first choice for the ‘Most Popular Person’ award. For obvious reasons.

12. That’s why making friends isn’t exactly your strongest suit. And let’s not even mention the total massacre that is dating.

13. And sometimes you wonder just how you have the friends you do have.

14. But just because you’re as honest as the day is bright, doesn’t mean you don’t care.

15. Because let’s face it, to you, honesty isn’t just the best policy. It’s the only policy.

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em! Go tell a brutally honest person you know, that you get it. Before they likely shit on you for spending too much time on the damn internet.

Brutally brilliant design by Aroop Mishra