The fashion world constantly brings us fascinating designs, trends and styles. But, every few years, or even months, certain trends come along that make you tilt your head to the side in the hopes of finding what makes the said trend ….a trend! 

Twitter/ beastoftraal

For instance, there is always one shoe style that comes in every season that seems to rub a few people the wrong way- which also ends up having just as many takers. 

Some trends and clothes do have that effect. Just like these pairs of denim pants that are purposely designed to look like whoever is wearing them has peed themselves. The pants are being sold by a brand named Wet Pants Denim, and they’re currently selling dad hats too. 

Apparently, according to the CEO of the company, there is a pool of people who have a thing for how peed in pants look! And although I totally respect the choice, I can’t seem to resonate with it myself. But hey, the fashion and design world is full of surprises and for every wild piece of clothing that someone has to cock their head to, there is always someone that sees the beauty of it. 

Someone posted images of the pants on Twitter too, here is the original post. 

And, here is how people reacted to it. 

What do you think about these pants?