What do you do when almost no one shows up to your show or concert? Do you run away? Do you cancel the show? Well, not in the case of the following people. There have been various instances when almost no one showed up to people’s concerts but like true queens, they said “the show must go on”.

1. Nelly in Iraq (2015)

Nelly, a popular American rapper, went to Iraq in 2015 to perform for the Kurdish troop fighting ISIS, and almost no one showed up. He was still very grateful for the hospitality he received in the country and said he would want to come back.

“I’m honored that this country has basically paid attention to Nelly. Everybody has been so gracious and the hospitality has been first class. How could you not want to come back to a place where people show you so much gratitude and they’re happy to have you,” he said

2. Kanye West’s Concert in Missouri (2017)


Kanye played at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri in 2013. But only 4,500 people showed up at the 19,000-seat capacity center. Kanye still performed and the fans present there enjoyed a spectacular show. 

3. Mase In London (2014)


Rapper Mase was supposed to perform alongside Foxy Brown and Fat Joe at London’s IndigO2 venue in 2014. Both Foxy and Joe were unable to attend the concert due to which fans didn’t show up either. Mase decided the show must go on and performed to 150 people in a 2,350 capacity room.  

4. Katy Perry’s Witness Tour (2017)

New York Times

Katy Perry’s Witness Tour didn’t garner the kind of ticket sale as expected, and the reviews weren’t that great either. Unlike other shows on the list, her tour was actually postponed due to “unavoidable production delays” according to a statement, which really meant “poor ticket sales”.

5. Carly Rae Jepsen’s Charity Event in Toronto (2014)


Carly Rae Jepsen performed in a charity event at a DavidsTea shop but only 20 people showed up. Out of which 1 was her fan and 19 were just random people. 

6. London Philharmonic Orchestra In Munich (2016)

Financial Times

London Philharmonic Orchestra is arguably one of the most well-known orchestras in existence. When they performed at the Gasteig concert hall in Munich, Germany only 150 people showed up at a 2300-seat venue.

7. Brandy in South Africa (2013)

New York Post

R&B singer Brandy performed at a concert in South Africa in 2013. It was supposed to be a surprise performance but apparently, no one waited for the surprise. She performed to 40 people in a 90,000 capacity arena

Some people cancel the shows or run away when the turnout is not as expected. But not these artists. Though we feel bad about the low turnout, we’re still happy that they performed unlike many other performers these days.