Some people would like us to think that seeing is believing, but we’re totally not buying into that. These pictures are going to prove everything you knew about the world wrong. WARNING: these pictures might cause a serious case of confusion and existential crisis. Scroll at your own risk!

1. This man has no idea what trouble he’s walking into.

2. This dog is taking his role as man’s best friend to the next level.

3. That man looks absolutely beautiful in his white wedding gown.

4. And there’s a reason we get acid rains these days.

5. This party of midgets standing next to one-legged groomsmen restored my faith in humanity.

6. Some kids grow up really, really fast!

7. No matter what they tell you about not being able to walk on water, they are wrong.

8. The only reason you haven’t heard about these attacks is because they don’t want us to know.

9. Some people really can extend their arms all the way to the end of the room.

10. And some people just want to show their magic carpets off.

11. My worst nightmares have come true. Monsters are taking over the world!

12. What if I told you that the panda is actually the antelope’s leg?

13. Tell me the girl in black isn’t being carried, and I’ll call you a liar.

14. I bet this bald guy’s silky hair makes every girl jealous.

15. Whatever made this woman’s face melt must have been rather upsetting.

16. Don’t you just hate it how some guys think it’s ok to take a piggy-back ride from random girls?

17. These guys have their leg game right on point though.

18. Meanwhile, some girls so shy of their legs, they just leave those things at home.

19. Look at this happy father finally getting his child-consignment delivered by the stork!

20. Who let the dogs out?

21. I think this woman just found the best hiding spot EVER.

22. If you look at it carefully, that painting in the background is pretty darn realistic.

23. This couple is having an inter-species marriage while we’re still sweating it out over gays. Learn India, learn!

24. For those of you that thought the moon landing was fake – Pictures. Don’t. Lie.

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