It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people in India suffer from constipation.The remaining two are probably trying their luck in a washroom right now. But have you too tried everything from Kayam churna to Isabgol and yet had a tough time in the toilet?

Well, worry not for Hotty-Potty is here. Hotty-Potty what? Well, Hotty-Potty this.


And it’s available in two sizes. How thoughtful!

Hotty Potty

The basic purpose of this evolved device is to help you shit better. By letting you squat (because ‘we’re designed to squat) without numbing your legs. They’ve explained the entire shitty process (literally) via some shitty (pun intended) diagrams . On their blog. Yeah, you heard that right. They have a blog dedicated to this masterpiece .

Hotty Potty

I just wish Amitabh Bachchan had seen this product. All he wanted to do was take a decent dump throughout the movie, Piku. Poor guy.

However, if you’re still confused whether to buy this product or not, allow this, ahem, gentleman to give you a nice demo . He’s so happy shitting and sitting on Hotty-Potty, that he even dedicates a song to it . We guarantee you’d want to buy the product asap, once you’ve seen this ad by Hotty Potty . Check it out.

Constipation is subject to market eatables. Please see the offered food carefully before investing.