You can take the student out of the convent but you can’t take the convent out of the student. Once a convent girl always a convent girl. Even though a convent messes you up for life.

1. Nuns, why you be so terrifyingly judgy?

2. There’s only one OG festival for your convent soul.

3. I can still recite the whole “Our Father” thanks to years of morning assembly.

4. You switched ‘their’ and ‘there’. Sorry, we can’t be friends.

5. You know there’s always a way to bunk when you hear the mass bells ring.

6. There was also this ‘valuable’ free period.

7. Convent schools taught you how to be nifty. Especially when it came to sewing back your cool quotient.

8. I still think this sound means school’s out. Thank you convent school.

9. And that’s why I will always be afraid of nuns.

10. Convent schools be like, you are not allowed to be pretty.

11. Your lack of English disturbs me.

12. That one time you spotted a boy in school.

13. That moment when you realise, you no longer have to wear hairbands and bobby pins any more.


Design credits: Ashish Kumar