We humans are a bunch of emotional souls. We like to document each of our memories in a photograph so that we can feed off the sweet spoon of nostalgia. After years of evolution, this emotion has given birth to one of the most booming industries in the world, wedding photography. 

Anyway, people tend to capture their happy moments mostly (cuz sweet nostalgia is cocaine for your mind). But, not all people. Let us introduce you to this millennial couple who thought freezing this breakup memory would be a brilliant idea.

The amount of sadness these images contain is way more than an Arijit Singh song, featuring Altaf Raja with Himesh Reshamiya and written by Gulzar can even do.

b’Source: Twitter’

I think finally there is something on the Internet for which I can say, “still a better love story than Twilight”.

b’Source: Twitter’

I think one of them actually asked, “We’ll still be friends, right?” and the other one is getting all awkward. 

b’Source: Twitter’

Are you crying? Are you? My soul just puked a bit.

Anyway, as you do in this day and age, a Twitter user posted these breakup pictures and the tweet has been going viral ever since.

Some Twitter users dismissed this as a ‘white people’ thing. 

While others just wanted a good laugh out of it.

Of course, it’s not possible to tell if this is staged or not and let’s face it, it probably is. But until that bubble is burst, let us bask in the glow of the Internet’s latest discovery, the breakup photoshoot.