A lot of us have dreamt of our wedding day. And many of us have thought about doing things differently; making the wedding a unique and memorable experience for ourselves and our loved ones. 

But HOW different can you really make the wedding before you start upsetting the rishtedaars? Well, this couple’s decision to bring Disney World to their wedding definitely threw that balance off and upset a lot of family members. 

In a Reddit post that was shared by Twitter user Trill Withers, a couple shared how they decided to cut catering and food out of their wedding to finance an appearance by Minnie and Mickey from Disney World. 

The appearance cost them $2750 and since the duo had always been fans of Disney, they decided to spend their money there, rather than on catering to their guests. So, the couple went on to ask the internet whether they were as*holes for doing this! Especially because they’d heard that many of their relatives were put off by the wedding for this reason.

Also, to make matters worse, the duo hadn’t specified clearly that the guests would have to pay for their own food. Here’s how netizens felt about the couple’s strange decision.

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