For people waiting to go mask-less, wait just wait don’t do it. While we can’t wait to live a normal life, this new delta variant of Covid is taking that dream away. And what better way to rant? Here are some wholesome memes to help you to express your grief.

And you know delta variant can affect both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. So sit down there and let’s cry together.

1. Those trip plans sound evil to me.

2. It’s time to root for yourself and stay safe.

3. No caption is needed.

4. “I” will not step out.

5. Don’t fall for this show. Bye.

6. Delta may obstruct your space.

7. This hurts and, delta will too.

8. Say Hi to your summer body.

9. Don’t fight with this, It’s a dead end.

10. You don’t change for anyone, okay?

11. This is definitely going to hurt us all!

12. Accept this universal truth and don’t expect them to be cookies.

13. You’ll be happier when you are single and at home.

14. Fall for Dakota Johnson, not Delta.

15. We fight, we survive, we end this. 

16. Keep reading more about the precautions. Remember the vaccines may not save you.

17. You know all your plans can be horrible? Stay home.

18. Instead of going out, go watch this movie (Parasite) and stay home. 

19. Delta to me – Come little children, I’ll take you away, into a land of enchantment, Me – Go away.

20. Don’t fall for this face! Oh wait, you already did.

21. Remember stepping out could be a bad ending for you.

22. Take all the gossip from inside the house.

23. Don’t take any chances with Delta!

24. This is not brutal. Delta can be.

 25. Now, that looks dangerous.

26. Don’t go crazy, we got this. 

Bye, take care.