With most companies giving work from home to their employees because of the pandemic, the video calling apps/websites have become a necessity, and people are looking for new, innovative features.

Like, option to talk to 20 people at the same time. Or changing the background – a big hit introduced by Zoom – a video conferencing application.

Using this feature, one can put any image or video in the background, and it looks real AF. Scarily real, sometimes. Here are some of the funniest examples of the same.

1. This freaky background of a man putting a video of himself opening the door.

2. Taking inspiration from whom, this one went a step ahead.

3. Oh nothing, just the most precious product in the world as my background.

4. He comes from a cold background.

5. Imagine seeing this during a meeting.

6. Lesson 101: How to ruin your reputation by trying to be over smart.

7. Our lives have been a roller coaster ride lately. Why not the background, then?

8. Giving in to trends.

9. We can all be Forrest Gump now.

10. Or we can be narcissists.

All it takes is a damn filter for everyone to act like kids. Which is great.