It takes many a great quality to make a leader – unfortunately, the global population can’t really decide on what those qualities are. This has resulted in individuals coming to power who aren’t exactly the most… normal. Here are some of the weirdest things world leaders have done.

1. Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov drove around a flaming crater to prove he’s not dead. He also made a rap video.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has been garnering global notoriety for his off-kilter antics, so much so that John Oliver even did a special piece on him. One of the most bizarre things he ever did though, was drive doughnuts around a flaming gas crater popularly known as ‘Hell’s Gate’ (they’ve since ordered the extinguishing of this fire). He did this to prove he was alive following rumours of his death. 

2. During an interview, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte claimed to have killed 3 people. 

Considering his brutal stance against drug dealers and his general demeanour, this news wasn’t exactly surprising.

3. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko played ice-hockey in a crowded stadium in the midst of the pandemic, and claimed you can treat coronavirus with vodka.

The notorious dictator is also known for giving bags of potatoes to famous people such as Putin and Steven Seagal.

4. Donald Trump stared directly at the sun during a solar eclipse – without any glasses.

There were way too many crazy things to choose from when it came to Donald Trump, but this one really stuck. 

5. King Rama X of Thailand ‘self-isolated’ during the peak of the pandemic with a ‘harem’ of 20 women in a luxury resort in the Bavarian Alps.

6. Vladimir Putin is famous for constantly being shirtless around large animals while wearing sunglasses. It’s not that crazy but it’s definitely a little… troubling.


7. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed during his presidential campaign, but continued campaigning. He’s also viciously vocal about his dislike of Black people and the LGBTQ+.

World leaders out here like –