Money can buy a lot of things. Especially money upwards of a billion dollars. Sanity is not one of those things though. Here are a few people who earned/inherited/stole a lot of money and then did weird things with it. We thought it’d be a good idea to list them down here.

Read on.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein: Lion faced-billionaire, plastic-surgery-enthusiast and a pro gold-digger

Jocelyn married a billionaire and divorced him soon. She then spent a lot of money on food, phone bills and travel. Most noted expenditure however was her many plastic surgeries that helped her transform into a lion.

2. Robert Klark Graham: Started a sperm bank where only donations from Nobel Prize winners were accepted

Graham opened a sperm bank that would only take donations from Nobel Prize winners, hence making the clientele really exclusive. The sperm bank was discontinued after his death. Here is Robert, probably talking to the jar of sperm: ” Tu bada hoke bohut bada aadmi banega.

3. Ingvar Kamprad: Sells furniture that requires assembly, steals condiments from restaurants

Founder of IKEA, Ingvar is a miser and does not spend money easily. He confesses to steal condiments from restaurants and toiletries from hotels. How else could he build such a huge empire?

4. Bob Parsons: Killed a wild elephant in Africa, shot a video and shared it online

Founder of GoDaddy, once went to a trip to Africa. He went hunting and killed a wild elephant. He even shot a video of the whole thing which includes the dead animal being teared apart and people cooking and eating elephant meat. He later shared the video online.

5. Prince Alwaleed: Holds annual midget-tossing competitions

Prince Alwaleed owns an entourage of dwarves and holds midget-tossing competitions every year. He is beyond crazy, but money triumphs everything else.

6. Clive Palmer: Bought robot dinosaurs for his golf course

He was so fascinated by the movie Jurassic Park, that he bought robots like those in Disney World, and put them in his personal golf course. He also has an affection for the movie Titanic, hence he’s building a replica- Titanic 2.

7. Robert Durst: Alleged serial killer

Robert inherited his money from his industrialist father. He allegedly killed his wife, but police found no evidence against him. Later, in 2000, the case was re-opened, and co-incidentally one of his friends was found dead in her house. The judiciary again had nothing concrete against him.

8. Bidzina Ivanishvili: Built a gigantic glass palace with an in-built penguin zoo

Former Prime Minister of Georgia, and a business tycoon, Bidzina built for himself a huge mansion made of glass. Also, his affection for penguins was apparent when he built a special zoo only for penguins.

9. Leona Helmsley: Left her dog $12 million in her will

Leona was described by most people as evil and mean. She however loved her pet pooch, Trouble. In her will, she left $12 million to Trouble, but nothing for 2 of her 4 grandchildren.

10. Howard Hughes: Lived in a theatre, peed in water-bottles

Howard once crashed a plane in Beverly Hills. After the accident, he started behaving differently. He locked himself in one of his personal theaters and stayed there for months without using the bathroom or taking a shower. He peed in water-bottles just in case you were wondering.

Yeah, money makes you crazy! Learn from these people, and donate all your money to some poor needy humor writer.