Bars around the world have their own ways of drawing in passersby with quirky and innovative little notes on the sidewalk. These funny bar signs will make you stop, laugh and then decide to get yourself a drink because you just got your day brightened. Classic sales techniques. If these don’t work on you, nothing will.

Here are 20 epic bar signs that’ll get you to walk in unquestioned.

1. You see, they have a point.

2. Classic reverse psychology.

3. Lead by example, they say.

4. Well, it gets the message across!

5. The flowchart of drunkenness.

6. How do you argue with that?

7. False advertising? Or smart?

8. The truth is hard to digest.

9. There’s not much to say about Irish folk and alcohol.

10. Excuses come in all shapes and forms.

11. Or ended with it.

12. Beer!

13. This one is classic.

14. Most problems have a simple solution.

15. Reverse psychology at its best.

16. Now that’s poetry.

17. What… Are you going to argue with Jesus?

18. And it doesn’t get any better either.

19. There’s always a strategy involved.

20. This has to be an Indian dude.

All these signs have made me thirsty. Imma go get myself a drink now!

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