Who doesn’t like kids? Those beautiful, cherubic creatures with a heart pure as an angel. Kids are pretty innocent. That is, till they put pen to paper and start sketching. Then they become sinister af. As proved brilliantly by these sketches that were approved by Satan himself.

Take a look only if you’re brave enough. Warned, you have been. Scared, you will be.

1. The scary part is that he seems to be enjoying himself.


2. Aaaaaand one more reason to sleep with eyes open.


3. This kid, who deserves our respect.

Mom dot me

4. With best wishes.


5. Let your kids daydream they said. It’ll be good for their creativity they said.


6. Celebrating the dance of death.

Confined space

7. Maybe they discuss world politics. Or how to torture mommy and daddy.


8. May God help you now! Oh, wait. Too bad you’re an atheist.


9. “So, what did you do last Sunday?”

“Nothing much. Just hung out with my family.”


10. Pretty sure she’s not gonna ask twice.

I’ll hold your beer

11. Well, I had no plans of sleeping anyway.


12. More like “Sleep, you little shit!”


13. Pyaar andha hota hai. Magar itna?


14. Poor dad!

Instant check mate

15. Just hoping their eyes aren’t sewed.

Brain jet

16. Salman bhai spotted.

We like viral

17. Maybe daddy should be thankful that he cannot see her.


18. Another reason to turn vegetarian.


19. Hannibal Lecter spotted.

Movie pilot

20. Imagine waking up to this.

Hector Rossi

All the best sleeping tonight.