World Cup fever is on, and the overdose of cricket gyaan is killing non-cricket-watching creatures like football fans and women.Okay, that was sexist and offensive and obnoxious and inaccurate. So anyway, we bring to you these exclusive pictures of cricketers doing things that are not as cricket-y. Enjoy.

1. Raina and Harbhajan doing a romantic Vikram-Betaal

2. Dhoni showing Sreesanth the correct usage of a towel

3. Murli scared of the ball after two droplets of acid

4. Swan realizing how Herpes spreads

5. Afridi trying to decide his age

6. Everyone doing dandvat pranaam to Sachin

7. Miandad shouting: ” Apni batting leke bhaag mat!

8. England dancing to ‘ Sandese aate hain

9. Dhoni helping push in Yuvraj’s hernia

10. Shakib being congratulated on his new implants

11. Hughes regretting his decision to vote for Congress

12. Sreesanth passing a kidney stone

13. Ajmal waiting for the pimple on his nose to heal

14. Yuvraj teasing Cancer

15. Kohli making up a brand new gaali involving 13 relatives at once

16. Sachin waiting for the Lord to make him taller

17. Team cheering Dada’s body while Rajiv Shukla is imagining dirty things

18. Kambli praying for a wife way out of his league

19. Siddhu recalling a muhavara

20. Ajay experiencing a Jadeja-Vu

21. Prasad waiting for his ball to reach the batsman

22. Irfan Pathan picking a ‘doosra’

23. Ishant checking out Hayden’s shoes before picking a fight

24. Leverock moonwalking while waiting for the fries he ordered

25. Sehwag waiting for his mom’s call

26. Symonds chewing center shock gum

27. Gayle at Baba Ramdev’s Shivir

28. Nehra shouting at his dentist

29. Ponting explaining why ‘daag achhe hain’

30. Inzamam being honoured for running two runs at once!

Long Live Cricket!