As the world enters the era of The Great Resignation and employees are finally starting to fight for their rights, a boss in the U.S. was blasted for putting up a sign that banned employees from eating at work.

Take a look at the sign here:

It’s bad enough that he prohibited eating on the job (I mean, it’s not like his workers are human beings), to rub salt on the wound he offered a $20 reward for anyone who snitched. How can someone be so cruel and vindictive? 

If you are in a position of authority at a workplace, you need to understand that your staff aren’t robots meant to please your every wish and command. You are not doing them a favour by hiring them. They are people putting in hours of hard work and labour to earn a livelihood. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to safeguard their health and best interests. If that means eating while working, then so be it!