With the arrival of the internet, a lot of artists who wouldn’t have had a platform earlier can now showcase their skills. One of them is an artist by the name of Lunarbaboon who makes comic strips inspired by his own life as a father of two.

And it’s the most heart-melting thing you’ll ever see that will also make you giggle like a little kid again and they have a great message. Well, most of the time.


It’s good to remember what’s really important.


Team spirit goes a long way.


Make sure your kids feel they’re irreplaceable. Unless you can get a wookie.


Participate in your children’s fantasies. It won’t kill you. Most of the time.


Always be appreciative.


And encourage them to follow their dreams.


 Sometimes you will have to protect them.


And sometimes you’ll have to make them laugh.


But there will be times you’ll just be scared with them.


A lot of the times, it’ll be magical.


Remember to be hard on them.


And sometimes remember to be soft.


Try to be imaginative.


But not too imaginative. 


Remember that imagination is how you communicate with kids.


Sometimes it’ll be tough, but it’ll be worth it.


So remember to spend your time with them.


And do things together, like raise a pet.


But don’t forget that you need time to yourself too.


And sometimes you can lie.


Or be a little undisciplined. 


Even pick favourites.


Or just be lazy for a day. Together.


Let kids be kids every now and then.


A lot of people are gonna try to give you advice.


Because handling a kid is difficult.


But remember your own youth. 


You’ll figure out what to do.


Cause at the end of the day, even when you’re hard on them.


You’re just trying your best to help them grow.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? The years you spend together.

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H/T – Boredpanda