Sponsored by Too Yumm

Cyrus Broacha, for all those growing up in the 90’s has been the nation’s funny man extraordinaire. From hosting MTV’s Fully Faltoo to just being his regular, unabashedly hilarious self, Broacha has often pushed boundaries in the name of humour and has come on top. So when I chanced upon this video of him challenging the aces at Rising Pune Supergiants to some “No Sharam” challenges, I choked on my coffee sip in a fit of laughter.

As it turns out, he was sent by Too Yumm to recruit the members of the RPS into the No Sharam League, simply to unleash their uninhibited and fun side. And boy, did he deliver! He had them perform some really weird tasks, to say the least. Faf du Plessis and Steve Smith sang songs about bananas and in the process, won us over. Catch all the madcap hilarity here.

Did that make you fall off your chair laughing? If yes, then stay tuned for the next instalment of the No Sharam League where cricketers experience the wonder of Kangaroo dance, coming soon here.