It’s the age of dating apps and social media, Facebook and Twitter, and, well, Tinder and Grindr. Yet, full page newspaper ads will never go out of fashion. What is the connection, you ask? Well, when a man is single and ready to mingle with no particular prospects of achieving said goal, his 78-year-old father takes it upon himself to help him out with his dating issues. All, full page ad style. At least, that’s what this American dad did for his son.

Baron Brooks is a not-so-young shop owner from Utah, and he’s been single for a while.

Owner of a health and nutrition shop, 48-year-old Baron lives a simple life in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA. While it might seem like Tinder or any of the other million dating websites could’ve helped him in finding his perfect match, Brooks seems to have not paid much attention to the problem as much as his father did.

Brooks’s father decided to publish a full page matrimonial-style dating newspaper ad for his son.

At 78, Brooks’s father decided that it just made sense for him to take his son’s dating problems in his own hands and publish a ₹62,000 full spread in the daily Idaho newspaper the Coeur d’Alene Press.


And the best bit is that he never told his son about it.

That’s right. His father decided that there was no reason for him to know that there’s a supermassive ad floating on the daily newspaper, specifying exactly the kind of lady Baron is looking to get hitched with. Complete with red roses printed on it.

Now, in case you miss it, there is a complete list of expected requirements for his prospective SO.

The absolute musts include:

  • You must be willing to move to Salt Lake City as that is where my business is located.
  • You must be politically conservative. This is very important to me. If you voted for Obama or plan to vote for Hillary you are not for me.
  • Religion is open.
  • I would expect that if we have children you would be a stay at home mom.

I can’t even. I’m not too sure if the dad was trying to troll his son, or whether this was for real. Or if this going to help him out or make matters worse. But when Baron Brooks found out, he told Spokesman, “He just does this crap. If I shared some of the stories, you wouldn’t believe it. He just does weird stuff, and nobody knows why.” 

And you’re talking about your parents meddling with your life!

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