There is a reason desi dads have memes, whole conversations and Reddit threads devoted to them. Because clearly, they’re iconic. For instance, this dad who sent a screenshot of this year’s JEE results to his son. Epic desi dad behavior, if you ask me. 


Twitter user Vivek Gautam posted the screengrab where he’s responded to his dad saying, “Papa mujhe JEE diye huye 6 saal ho gaye abb toh yeh aise mat bhejo.” And we can totally relate, I mean to have given the exam, have graduated, and have your dad bring up the dreaded exam results again, that has to be a little traumatic. 

And here is how people responded to his relatable AF tweet. Where some people have said that this is typical for most Indian households, others have talked about the torturous nature of the text!

Is there anything more “dad-like,” than this?