NGL, I’ve always been fascinated by how these daily soap characters are mysteriously quick. How does the female lead twist her ankle and fall at the exact time her partner turns around? Thanks to the tragic background score, which eventually transitions to a romantic track when the former rescues the latter.

It all looked real to me. 

Then the pattern became so absurdly monotonous that whenever a girl climbed up any furniture in a serial, I knew she’d land in her partner’s arms before she even fell properly. But I never thought it would go this far. 

This Twitter user shared a clip from daily soap where a woman falls from the balcony in slow motion.


What comes next? Her husband dashes down the stairs to save her. It’s a race against time. His dharam-patni makes sure that she continues falling until she’s rescued by her husband.  


Obviously, walking down the stairs consumes less time than falling off the balcony. 

Finally, the couple has the ‘tum theek toh ho?’ moment while they interlock eyes. Yep, she fell off the balcony and you violated all the laws of physics to save her. Of course, she’s better than ever. 

You can watch the entire scene here: 

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Only if Spidey knew the Indian daily soap hack, Gwen Stacy would be with us today,