School days are without a doubt, the best time of our lives. Trust me, ask any adult and they’ll tell you they’d give away anything to have one day back at school. But we don’t all have the same type of school. Ever wondered what’s life like in a DAV school?

Here are some memes which will be totally relatable to anyone who attended DAV.

1. What pollution? I’ve been inhaling smoke ever since I could count.

2. And God forbid, if you ever missed it.

3. But you know what they say. If you can’t beat them, join them.

4. Eventually, you become one of them.

5. Sports with balls? What even is that?

6. Nothing is as important as cultural activities.

7. Those hardcore PE teachers still haunt me when I hold a guy’s hand.

8. The best crossover till date.

9. Principal changed? LOL I wouldn’t know!

10. Chant the mantar or else…

But all in all, nothing can top memories from our school days. 


Design Credits: Lucky Mehendiratta