In this world full of lies and deceit, one can never be too careful. You never know whom to trust. You never know whether someone is being genuinely nice or is just a bundle of sugar-coated words.

We understand your dilemma and hence, created this list of super poisonous people (read: snakes a.k.a sneks) you must stay away from at any cost. Check ’em out.

Sneks who earn 10 lakhs a month and yet have the balls to say this.

Sneks who are coming to your shop for the first time and yet say…

Sneks who make a plan and then are the first ones to back out of it.

Sneks who say they’re 5 minutes away but haven’t even left their bed yet.

Sneks who say this shit and yet flaunt 8-pack-abs.

Sneks who don’t give a shit about you but just say this to get rid of you.

Sneks who say they aren’t hungry and yet, eat all your food once it comes. 

Sneks who fool you and make it look like a favour. 

Sneks who’re drop dead gorgeous and say…

Sneks who don’t tell you that giving boards ke exam is actually the easy part.

Sneks who save money and buy a car while you’re still travelling in a metro. 

Sneks who say shit like this and end up topping the class.

Savdhani hati, durghatna ghati. Stay away from these sneks.

Design credit: Disha Bhanot