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Hi, everyone! I hope you are all set to enjoy the long weekend whatever your religious persuasion. Personally speaking, any excuse for a free day off of work works for me. But I probably ate non-vegetarian food on a Tuesday because karma is a vile asshole who seems to be hell-bent on screwing me over.

2016 started off with a series of motivational posters that made me want to be like:


New Year Resolutions were made and broken. I planned on losing weight, not being an asshole and on eating healthy food. Clearly, these were like the empty promises your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend make during the honeymoon phase of your relationships and all of those were promises were never meant to be. 

Slowly and steadily, getting a day off from work/college/school becomes your top priority. And guess what? 2016 slowly turned into the year of Satan where all the festivals and holidays were on weekends.


What’s more infuriating that not getting a day off because the powers that be (which decide calendars and stuff) decide to fuck you over? Nothing.


In a lot of countries, there’s a policy in place to save these holidays. If a public holiday were to be on a weekend, they get a day off during the week to make up for that. What do we get in India? NOTHING!

We don’t even get a compensatory off from work when destiny decides to screw us over.

The Express Tribune

No, seriously. What crimes did we commit to deserve this? 

As a common working-class citizen, don’t we deserve the right to take a day off for religious or not-so-religious reasons and just have some peaceful time without any deadlines?

Now you can obviously go forward and tell me how this is inevitable and nothing can be done about it; but please note that the any injustice needs to be fought against. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that can’t be stopped. WHY WOULD LIFE DO THIS TO US? WHY?

I thought God is supposed to take care of us mortals but clearly, they didn’t care enough to do these ‘celebratory’ events on weekdays. Are you even (for) real, God? *cough*

[Author’s Note: This is supposed to be a salty opinion. Don’t take the opinions expressed with a pinch of salt, try a bucket-load of it.]