With coronavirus spreading across the globe, the governments of various countries are coming up with their ways of controlling things.

In India, one of the measures being taken is the ‘corona callertune’, which came into force after a directive from the Health Ministry to every major telecom company.

India Today

Now, I get that it is important. PSAs have to be made.

But I don’t think it is the most efficient way.

First off, the caller tune starts with a man randomly coughing. That’s freaky as hell. 

I have heard it 50 times and it still takes me 2 seconds to register that it’s not the person I have called, who’s coughing.

That is followed by directives which are important, but known. For instance – washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding crowds and consulting a doctor in case someone notices symptoms.

We know these things already. And even if there is someone who doesn’t, ek-do baar mein samajh aa gaya usse bhi.

At this point, the PSA is redundant and as someone who is not a big fan of calling people anyway, it is a big inconvenience too. 

My courage to talk to someone on phone lasts only a few minutes. Uss window mein jo baat ho gayi, woh ho gayi. 

Now, if you make me wait for so long, chances are I will change my mind. In fact, I have changed my mind, cut the call, and texted people.

If that’s not an option, I keep my phone aside for the caller tone to end so that the call can finally connect.

I am like bhai aap hi bol lo. Aap khatam kar lo poora.

Apparently, you can end the caller tone, though. By pressing 1. 

Also, you can do this thing, which I won’t because I am lazy AF and lowkey love complaining (personality issues, nevermind).

Anyhow, the government might want to update the PSA so that it is helpful and more than just a constant reminder that a pandemic has hit the world and is coming for every single person.