No work, parties after parties, more liquor in your body than blood – December is the Saturday of months and it is very heavy on body and pockets.


You know the rush of wanting to leave work as soon as possible on a Saturday? December means feeling that rush for 31 days, straight.

December also means thinking about the attire for a party while curing a hangover from the previous one.


20th onward toh office hota kyun hai, I don’t understand. Itna half-hearted effort at work people only give a day before they are going for a 2-week-long vacation or something.

First Christmas and then, New Years – who cares about office assignments and all dude? (Except me. I do, boss. I do).

This is the month when Party Smart becomes a part of your diet, and this is the month you most definitely don’t meet your KRAs.

During other months, you wait for Saturdays to have fun because you are not working the next day. December mein koi kaam karta hi nahin hai, so it’s all the same.

Funny how December ends as fast as a Saturday, too. January, on the other hand, just goes on and on and on. Like the endless fucking Monday.

December is about sleeping late and well, waking up late. It’s about eating too much, drinking too much and being in a perpetual state of tiredness and excitement.

And here, I am talking about people who don’t have their birthdays in the month. For those who do, things take a different turn altogether – for them and their friends.

Because birthday means one extra house-party you have to prepare for, one extra occasion that demands attention from you and commitment from your liver. 

Not gonna lie, it gets too much at times and I just feel like lying in bed for days. 

Having said that, I’ll take your leave – I have a party to attend tonight. Bohot kaam hai.