Time and again Bobby Deol has proved that in addition to stealing our hearts, he definitively is someone who can teleport and definitely can see the future. 

No, really! Even though us normies have figured out the power that Lord Bobby holds after decades, we still can’t get over the fact that this man might just be the answer to all worldly problems. Moreover, he might just be the invisible power we puny humans need. A Twitter account called Bobbywood is showing us how : 

1.  Lord Bobby solved the biggest social media outage.

When the entire world didn’t know what to do with the biggest social media black-out, he sat all night & found a solution for us. Yeah. He restored our social media accounts back.  

2. Bobby predicted the pandemic decades ago. 

Be it social distancing, swab tests or even wearing a mask, there was nothing this man hadn’t thought out about much before the government. 

3. He is a tech genius and used complicated technology much before it was available for anyone else. 

Point in case, he was hacking swiss bank accounts way back in 2001.   

4. He was also the master of inventions and came up with the most advanced gadgets much before its time. 

Let’s just say, Bobby, put Steve jobs to shame. Because he introduced wireless Bluetooth earbuds way before AirPods came into existence.      

5. He also did a lot for the photography and cinematography industry.   

Did we mention how he literally invented GoPro back in 2002?   

6. Bobby’s umpiring skills were a reference point to the best. 

Where do you think the world’s best umpires learnt their genius skills from? 

7. Hollywood was copying Bobby all along.   

From Sean Paul’s iconic hairstyle. 

To series such as You. If it wasn’t for Bobby, many wouldn’t have seen their days of stardom. 

8. Bobby was the inspiration behind hit cooking shows.      

Masterchef who? Bobby was teaching culinary lessons much before Gordon Ramsey knew he had in him. 

9. Much before the concept of trainers, he enhanced his strength all by himself. 

Even if he had to fight dangerous wild animals. 

10. Terms like fuckboi and softboi were invented because of him.   

Be it with his words or his wits, he wooed women like no other man. 

And his flirting skills were out-of-the-world. 

11. Lord Bobby is the best cricketer we have and here’s proof. 

12. In fact, not just cricket, Lord Bobby is the ultimate sportsperson! 

Like, he could have his own Olympics and we wouldn’t even be worthy! 

Don’t know how he does it, but there’s certainly nobody like him.