‘Dekh Bhai’ memes have suddenly become a rage among Indian Internet users. But for those of you, who had better things to do than dig for trolls, we compiled some of the funny ones here. You have to see these, because they say so.

1. First things first. Nostalgia.

2. For motivation.

3. For the ultra social ones.

4. Smokers know it’s true!

5. Every pretty girl.

6. Seems legit to me.

7. For those foul-mouthed bastards!

8. Just when you thought he cares…

9. The patriot in me.

10. Please. Listen.

11. Every pretty girl.

12. Dosti ke kuchh usool hain …

13. I can smell your words.

14. Modesty and all is okay but…

15. The anti-voting campaign.

16. Not that I didn’t like the performance, but…

17. Ple@se. L!sten.

18. Because Gyaan.

19. For the distracted ones.

20. And then there are insensitive people like these! Shame!

All credits to Dekh Bhai and Dekh Bhai Trolls .