Not all words roll off the tongue, a lot of them trip and that can easily get embarrassing. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name is one example. Most times, I’d choose to hastily rush through the pronunciation, but that doesn’t seem a problem anymore. This is after a dilliwala turned his surname into something easier to spell and pronounce, at least for us. 

Hindustan Times

Anand Mahindra tweeted a picture of a mural of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was made by Mohit Suneja. It is a sketch of the actor along with his name, which is spelled as, ‘ Arnold Subhashnagar’. And, this is honestly where the famous ‘dilliwala juggad’ peaked. 

He also captioned the tweet, mentioning how he tried hard to make it through the pronunciation, and that just makes a lot of us feel somewhat normal.

People liked the idea and even came up with new variations.

It’s like those English films dubbed in Hindi, where they end up giving the character a desi name.