Hey girls, I mean ‘not virgin girls’, we have a solution for the mess you have created by fucking up your life.

You had sex.


It’s okay, though, there is a hospital in Delhi that provides revirginization procedure. Which means your hymen will be grown back artificially. Phew!

Pristyn Care

The hospital Pristyn Care will grow your hymen back, for, among other things, enhancing sexual pleasure. 

Pristyn Care

My only question: Which woman goes ‘oh dude, I had so much pleasure when my hymen broke’? I want to meet her.

Besides the medical reasons, the procedure is obviously aimed to provide pleasure to the man. Which is a problem, if my sarcasm above was too tough to read into.

Anyhow, the ad got viral on the internet and people had a lot to say.

We joke about things like these, because at this point, they are more funny than weird. But at their very core, these procedures are deeply problematic and should be done away with.